Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency Being Accepted at Cafes

That is the reason why a lot of experts are stating that cryptocurrencies — or bitcoin — have no place in little dollar, daily transactions like purchasing a java –, and the quantity of time that it requires to process a payment, which can be enough to get a warm coffee to cool, or even to get that mochaccino to melt down.

But, coffee-loving crypto-heads are not giving up that easily.

Lin Dai is the CEO of Hooch and thinks differently. He thinks that crypto and drinks fit perfectly.

In reality, there are a small number of stores taking such obligations now. Each has its own strategy and rationale. But it remains to be seen whether these plans could scale to get an global series how big Starbucks — or if they make sense for clients.

Following is a peek at some of the companies around the globe which are accepting cryptocurrency today or will soon begin: why they are doing this, and how it’s working out to them.

Café Joe

Israeli coffee store chain Café Joe declared it could be accepting bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies in Café Joe USA places.

The obligations will be driven by Coinbase Commerce, an integrated payment method by cryptocurrency storage and exchange system Coinbase, which allegedly handles the very long haul lines and higher transaction fees to simplify crypto-based purchases.

The business said in a statement that the decision wasn’t based on need so much as it had been based in an ideal that bitcoin could reach viability in customers’ everyday lives — a vision Café Joe mentioned “was an aspirational target for several early adopters of all cryptocurrencies.”

Ducatus Café

This Asian Asian cryptocurrency café went one step farther: Launched in Indonesia and Singapore at December 2017, Ducatus Café doesn’t accept money, cards as well as Apple Pay.

In part, the café was really developed to provide investors in Ducatus (established January 2017) someplace to spend the coins. On the other hand, the business told Reuters its aim is to show that bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies may be utilized in everyday business instead of simply market speculation.

Another important aspect of crypto and the blockchain is the information that can be collected. Take for example, Tap Coin – a company that uses data from Tap Tokens.


Diners earn points equal to 25% of the spend.

What is interesting about this strategy is that clients do not need to come back to the exact same restaurant to utilize the benefits. They can make things at 8Bit Burgers and redeem them Nene Chicken or make them Massi and invest them Roll’d.

Therefore, rather than inspiring loyalty to one restaurant or string, Liven’s aim (as well as also the value-add for restaurants around the stage) would be to expose clients to companies they might not have struck if they did not have things to redeem there.

Clients will have the choice to market their LivenCoins on receptive cryptocurrency exchanges whenever they do not need to redeem it in any of these restaurants.


Despite announcements from Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz implying a digital money like bitcoin might be utilized in combination with the coffee chain’s cellular payments program, it is not yet verified whether Starbucks intends to begin accepting cryptocurrency obligations because of its lattes.

On the other hand, the global series is unquestionably exploring the distance.

This movement will probably perform well for Starbucks from the networking, as it shows the business would like to create products which are beneficial for individuals and for the entire world — and utilize blockchain to provide transparency inside that procedure.

Nevertheless, it will not attract the café almost any closer to accepting bitcoin because payment at its store or on its own program, leaving the entire world still with no substantial gamers that are providing regular crypto capabilities.